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Thread: Prop selection . . .

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    Hallet 240
    Is there a formula or a website that has a calculator to help you figure out the optimal prop for your application? I need something to help me get in the ballpark.

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    spectras only
    Don, go to www., they have a propeller/speed calculator that will give you ballpark figures.

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    spectras only
    It's Bronson Hill Propellers!

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    Go to "Biginer here and I need help" Post in this forum, There is a User that posted the best sight I've seen for Speed calculator.

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    Magic Sandbar
    I have the new 496HO with a 24" 4 blade prop. The motor will only rev to 4500 rpm. Does anyone know what the difference will be between a 23" 3 blade and a 22" 4 blade in performance? I am wondering if the 22 will be better for top speed than the 23. If anyone has experience in this, please reply.

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    Magic Sandbar
    Well to answer my own question, I demoed a 23" 3 blade last weekend and it sucked! The prop had so much slip it wouldnt push the boat past 48 mph on gps. After 3 minutes I returned to the dock to put my 24" 4 blade back on. Wow what a difference. I Hit 60.2 mph on gps at 4600 rpm. I guess im stuck with that prop until I get more horses to push that prop to 5000 rpm. Unless anyone has any suggestions.

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    Magic, have you tried the 23" 4 blade offshore by merc yet?

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    Magic Sandbar
    I wasn't aware that anyone made a 23" 4 blade. That sounds great I will try to find one. Thanks for the info.

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    I'm going to be in Havasu Sunday. If you would like I'll bring a 23" offshore for you to try. I'll be there Sunday through Tuesday.

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    Magic Sandbar
    I won't be in Havasu until cinco de mayo weekend. If you go then, we could hook up and I would love to try your prop.

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