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Thread: Cal lemon law

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    Troubles No More
    Does anyone know of a good web site for info on the Cal lemon law? I need to do some research as I am having trouble with my truck..Thanks

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    better business bureau
    what vehicle is it?
    Lemon Law info should be in your warranty booklet that came along with your owners manual.
    In CA for lemon law consideration its 4 repair attempts on the same failure in the first 12 months of ownership or a total of 30 days out of service. Hope this helps

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    Try this
    bbb lemon law info (

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    i did the lemon law on my 99 ford f-250 it was easy. the dealership gave me the paperwork for it.

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    Still Wanna Be Blown
    This Guy Is In Laguna Ca, He Is Very Good And Takes Lemon's On Contingency Basis...Had A 98 Suburban...Bad Brakes And Trans...He Had Them Buy It Back For $6,000.00 More Than We Paid For It.....

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