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Thread: spam on my PHONE!!!!

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    I recently got a new picture cell phone and I can email from it. Now I'm getting spam on my phone!!! WTF. I have a hard enough time getting rid of all the viagra shit they send me on my regular email!

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    Watch out that the wireless company you have doesn't charge you for the excess mail volume. I have Nextel, who suck by the way. I have 20 phones with them. They have been feeding us spam for the last 3 months. I bitched about the overwhelming volume of junk email and they told me to cancel my messaging services to get rid of it.
    The real headache started when they started charging for the excess mail messages. I told them to pound sand and shove the charges, which they promptly deleted from my bill, but I don't think I've heard the last of them.

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    Beautiful Noise
    Topless,You have AT&T? I do and it suck's with all the Text Message's

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    I have Sprint picture mail, and have had NO junk mail.

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