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Thread: is my avatar showing up

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    all I see is the damn red x

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    That's not your avater, figured you were being original:wink:

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    hoolign that "yes" sarcasim..or "no" sarcasim?

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    I like it! Don't change a thing.

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    Originally posted by hoolign that "yes" sarcasim..or "no" sarcasim? Yes I can not see it:wink:

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    I think the gestapo has been at work again...maybe time for ...bean

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    That's my old one that I lost and had to switch over to the Wet Pussy

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    Uggghhhhh, that damn cat again

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    I like the Sig line..
    everclear = liquid panty dropper
    Hey did you ever make it off camus for food?

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