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Thread: Bowling for Columbine...

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    betty boop
    Just wondering since most of you are from the States, what was your thoughts and feelings about this movie?? I never knew the laws down there were the way they showed them and sure gave me a new perspective on the the States...oh along with Dickhead Clark and Heston there old buddy..all in all there was alot of very sad footage on there - makes one think that's for sure....Micheal Moore was great - very persistent...

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    Havasu Cig
    Michael Moore is a F@$king jerkoff. I would not watch any movie he made even if someone payed me.

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    betty boop
    why is that???? what am i missing??

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    Michael Moore is an asshole and I wish he would crawl back under the rock he came from. Cities with the most strict gun control laws, have the highest crime and violence rates. Cities with the least gun control laws have the least amount of crime and violence. Why? Because gun control laws have nothing to do with gun violence. What does? Welfare, kids growing up without parrents, gangs, lack of morals or care for themselves or anyone else. Any other questions, just let me know.

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    Michael Moore makes satiricle films disguised as documentories, just as him, he admits it.
    The problem is that everyone takes them as these deep social documentories... never underestimate the ignorance of the general public.
    The guy is a hack, but he's made alot of money.

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    betty boop
    the reason for this thread i guess is that i am sitting here waiting anxiously for the jury to come to a conclusion in an attempted murder case in b.c. - my dad's best friend separated from his wife there in there 60's, and she lost it one night and tried to kill him - 3 shots into him, was in the hospital for a year and is still recovering - been 2 years this April - he still has a major surgery to go - his stomache is still wide just makes me wonder about the gun laws and shit - plus it scares me, if she walks will she try it agian and since he hangs at my parents alot, what will she do to them????

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    Havasu Cig
    Sounds like she is the problem, not the gun. You take guns away and there will still be violence, but now the innocent don't have a way to protect themselves.
    Guns are a great equalizer for people to protect themselves with. With a little training most can be competent enough to use one to prtect themselves or their family.
    Take gun rights away and what is the elderly person, female ect... going to do when face with a threat in their home?
    Michael Moore is an extreme left wing nut.

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    That's why I have a conceled carry permit. If it comes down to them or me... sorry, it's them.
    Someone sitting around that an attacker knows does not have a way of defending themselves is a fantastic target.
    Now, lets say our home-body has a .45 in the drawer, that changes things a little for the attacker, doesn't it??

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    GUNS DONT KILL PEOPLE...... Morons do.... Simply getting rid of Guns is simply not the answer...
    In fact, its wholly Un-American to even begin to have that discussion. The left has no argument substanciated in fact.
    Also, theres more to know about Americans, Basic Freedoms provided by our Constitution before you enter into any discussion....
    If you want learn to see the other side, substanciated by facts, reliable data comipled over many, many years by the FBI presented in form of the UCR ( Inform Crime Report) and other areas such a Encominics... ** I high suggest you read the book by John Lott called " More Guns , Less Crime "

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