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Thread: bad a$$ go cart

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    :jawdrop: OH MY GOD :jawdrop:

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    That little tiny motor makes 1500 H.P. And turns 85,000 rpm's.......:eek!:

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    Tom Brown
    Originally posted by Dans66Stevens
    That little tiny motor makes 1500 H.P. And turns 85,000 rpm's.......:eek!:
    That's two stroke levels of power.

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    Reminds me of that video someone posted a while back. Some crazy mofo on a lightning fast go cart. I think it was from Germany.

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    I like when it goes pop! looks like the camara man hits the deck!

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    yeah, something happened there that scared to guy with the camera...
    I'm not a engineer nor do I play one on TV but I'll be willing to bet that there's no way that motor makes 1500HP. No way.
    It might make 300HP or maybe even 500HP, who knows but 1500HP, uh-uh, ain't happening.
    1500HP would shred the tires right down to the rims as soon as the go pedal was pressed. It would liquify the tires in seconds and the thing would never hook up to wheelie or even take off. Plus, if that engine can put out 1500HP I'm guessing there'd be plenty of drag racers looking to use such a small, lightweight motor in their cars and be kicking some arse at the strip.
    Of course I could be completely wrong about this but I just can't see 1500HP from that tiny mill.

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