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Thread: What to expect performance-wise from '38 Scarab

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    Hey Guys,
    Am looking at an older Welcraft Scarab 38 footer with triples that has been pretty extensively retrofitted. Power now is triple 454-465hp thru Borg Warner Cyborg trans then TRS drives not sure what prop he is spinning, 4 batteries 300 gals fuel, 50 gals water, a/c and frig no generator. How well did these boats run he says cruise at 3500 rpm at 55mph and top out at 85mph. Very nice looking boat for its age and lot of work done but that seems optimistic for what I would guess is a 12,000 lb boat. Any ideas or am I way off guessing weight?

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    That may be a weeee bit out of the league of most of us "little river boat" guys. May want to try the offshore only website to get some more bites

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    Normally way out of my league but I found something that intrigues me and trying to figure out how deep a hole I'm digging so thought I would ask the big boys here...... maybe 23' is as big as I should stick with (Nahhh can't let the wife be right!) Thanks for your direction!

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    Quality Time
    As suggested, try forums

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    Steamin' Rice
    Like the others have said, try this on OSO....You will find a lot of experts on offshore boats over there.. You might even find somebody who knows the exact boat you are looking at....

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    spectras only
    I've known two 38's with triples around here. If my memory serves well they were topping out around 65mph. The twin engined models do almost the same speed . It took almost two years to sell both of these boats. The trs drives + trannies make this boat too heavy .

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    Anyone know if something is up with OSO's website. Went to their forum and registered but am unable to post anything. Thought maybe noone was running the site now....
    Thanks for everyone's help,

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