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Thread: Canadians this past month...

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    betty boop

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    -25C? We still going to the lake next week?

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    Tom Brown
    ... so I wake up this morning to the noise of a snow blower outside my bedroom window. The guy I get to blow out my yard (Oh yeah... I'm way to lazy to shovel it myself. ) thought he'd stop by even though I didn't call him. We just had the worst blizzard of the year. How cool is that?

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    Jungle Boy
    My girlfriend is mad at my cause I'm sweating my ass off and she's shoveling snow. Asked to try and get it all done cause I'd like to go drinking with the boys when I get and probably will not be in the mood for shoveling.

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    spectras only
    I could play golf or going to grouse skiing the same day here in vancouver today . Feel sorry for the rest of canada

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    It has been well above freezing here, I heard about that little storm that blew across lloyd and into sask

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    It is supposed to be plus 2 deg celcius tomorrow...should start the lakes a thawin'

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    Tom Brown
    Yep... any day now.

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