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Thread: Atkins coroners report...

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    betty boop
    front page of my paper this morning - Atkins, founder of the diet, died from obesity and heart problems, all due to his diet....
    maybe someone will find the whole story on the net, i just happened to find it in the paper and not sure how to get the whole story on here without typing it

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    Tom Brown
    I heard they found him naked... in the bathroom.

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    I also heard he fell down and hit his head causing him to go into a coma. they then said because of the coma and laying in a bed it caused water gain.. Hmmmm what do you think,,

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    Tom Brown
    That sounds plausible MFV, but it doesn't explain the four inch pumps.

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    yes he slipped outside his office and cracked his head. The guy was like 78 I think. it's not like he was 40 and died of a massive corinairy(sp).
    I know he had some kind of heart problem from a known virus or something.
    The man is dead and I don't see why they want to destroy him now. The diet has been examined by other sources, not just some wacko doctor.

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    Heres the death certificate
    Atkins death (

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    Love that Avatar sunbunny.

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    Originally posted by topless
    Heres the death certificate
    Atkins death (
    well there you go

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    Tom Brown
    Back when the Atkins diet first came around, I was living with a woman who was one of the first adopters. It was interesting how many doctors were quick to cite high cholesterol, stroke, heart disease, and other issues likely to be caused by the diet.
    I encouraged her not to do it but she was strong willed, did it, and lost some weight. A couple of years later we found out that there was no evidence of cholesterol problems caused by the diet and, if anything, it tended to lower it a wee bit.
    It seems like a case of jealousy for someone who came up with a unique and successful solution to an age-old problem which no one else had thought of before. My hat is off to Dr. Atkins and his transvestite lifestyle.

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    Tom.... you rule.

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