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Thread: OK.....So what do you REALLY want????

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    I read alot on here about what people dislike about certain boats, aswell as what people seem to universally like. My question is this.....What do you really want/expect from a boat?
    Here is my ideal one...
    two big roosts
    one big motor
    stereo loud enough to blow womens clothes off
    (sound familiar but hey I AM biased)
    Lets not get into the turbine-powerered off shore stuff, just real-world wants/ needs.......
    This should be interesting, it has been boring in here lately.

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    I want a girl that looks like Pamela Anderson who has no teeth, no voice box, no shame and no inhibitions ........... oh, you mean a boat ??? sorry, well lets see. I like that Skater "Lick This" or that 40 ft canopied offshore advantage. But in reality, I like a "Sandbar Slammer" hmmmmm.... maybe that is what I will name my first Trident ....... something that everyone at the sandbar wants to be near, but cant get near because of the herd of tail that has gathered. A nice weekend at Martinez where people follow you to your campground so they can finish checking out your boat.... I like that.

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    Right now... a boat that runs.
    Ultimate would be a 24 - 26' Daytona w/ an Infomaniac quad-rotor.

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    You a Lefty Gardner fan?

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    Yes I am.

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    Hey Columbo, put down your magnifying glass. No canned breakfast meat here, just something to breakup the boredom.

    Skeep "not undercover spammin" werkz

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    i like like one small block whipple kit w/re program
    one set of aluminum heads
    one set of cast aluminum manifolds
    trim tabs
    and hydrolic to the helm.
    -to go!

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    Forkin' Crazy
    I think a Bayliner with a radial engine would be nice......

    One that is light, small, and has a large motor, uses a relatively high pitch prop so there will actually be some economy for traveling distances. Cheap on parts and maintanence and a top end of 100 mph...... only 8 mph to go!
    I have an old Checkmate that I am restoring too. Gotta have something that will hold a lot of babes...

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    Tom Brown
    I like other people's boats better. They have lower operating costs.

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