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Thread: Cell Phones - Havasu

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    I was thinking about going with T Mobile......
    Who has a plan with them and is coverage good on the way out from OC and in Havasu ???
    RIck 32

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    Budget Baller
    I had AT&T and it worked great from Yorba Linda all the way to Havasu with a couple of miles of no service on Rice Road. Now I have Verizon and it does not work as well, plus it is in roaming mode within Havasu, where AT&T did not have that issue.

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    my AT&T phone gets signal almost everywhere around Havasu and most of the lake but roaming the whole area

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    what about T Mobile.....

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    sorry, had the T-mobile phone w/us on last trip and failed to notice signal quality. everywhere else it has been great, laughlin area, kingman, golden valley, etc. good deals going too.
    thinking of a switch myself.

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    Reception in general seems to really suck in Havasu. Roaming charges are huge as well if you're not on the local cell phone carrier.

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    roaming sucks....
    i think at&t ONLY reams me for $.80/min
    the only place in town my old sprint phone worked was in the channel.

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    I have been using my work nextel since they brought service into town. Seems to work better that the wife's Verizon. I have used it many times out on the lake, except for the deep coves and such. Still, as with any cell phone, there will be dead spots. I'm not familiar with t-mobil's service in Havasu.

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    We use t-mobile at the lake, we get good recetion on the main body of the lake and have the same dead spots we did with att...

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    The last time I was out there I have Verizon and my girl had Sprint. She had service pretty much the entire time with no roaming charges. I connected 3 out of like 9 or 10 calls and she got connected on all of hers without getting reamed.

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