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Thread: Best way from SD to LHC?

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    I have to be in San Diego on business till Saturday afternoon but want to make it to the fireworks by 9pm (8cali time) in Lake Havasu.
    Is the I-8 to AZ 95 north the best route? how long does this take?

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    The best way is a little tricky but we have tried every way and it takes us 4 hrs, 20 minutes from El Cajon to our front door in Havasu North. 8 East to the 111 North to the Even Hughes Parkway turn Right, 115 turn Left, Hwy 78 turn Right and go through Glamis. Follow Hwy 78 all the way to the 10 and take 10 East to Ehrenberg Exit. Turn Left and turn Right at Ehrenberg/Parker Hwy. This will take you all the way to California Ave in Parker. Turn Left and follow to AZ 95 and Turn Right and your 30-40 minutes from Havasu. Good Luck

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    Man, I forgot this was the Pyrotechnics Conv. weekend out there...I'm bummed Got to be one of the best pyro shows around. Wasn't it in Jan. last year?
    SDLsaver--is that really the fastest way for you? I does make sense but I would've guessed going up thru Indio to the 10

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    Thanks SDLifesaver. Doesn't sound too difficult and I know the way from Parker. Looking forward to seeing Glamis, never been there before.

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