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Thread: Prop Locks (anti theft devices)

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    What are the different types of prop locks available?
    I have been hearing horror stories of people getting their props stolen at Havasu, Parker, and Laughlin etc.
    Looking for a little protection on my investment.

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    Take it off at night, and into your hotel room! The only real way to keep it safe! I have heard that the prop locks come loose and you loose your prop when cruising the river/lake. jawdrop

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    Stupid Fast
    Run it over rocks. Then nobody else will want it.
    You Know I am kidding, Right? Hotel deal is the safest.

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    I personally would not recommend a prop lock, because if you loose the key, your screwed. You'd have to torch, or cut the darn thing off.
    But,if you never loose anything, then this is a p/n of a pretty good prop lock. Made by McGard, #74039. I'd say the average retail is about 78.00. keeping it on, is all about the proper torque, recommended is 55-65 ft. lbs.
    They also make a stern lock, which replaces one of the nuts that mount the outdrive.
    But, like previously stated. take the prop off, and take it inside. that's the only real way to protect it.
    hope that helps you

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    Do you guys really take your prop off at night???
    How hard is it to get off? Do you need a special wrench or will a socket and breaker bar work?

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    we carry a special wrench, which can loosen the tabs on the lock ring and also loosen the prop nut, OR you can just use a 1 1/16th socket for the prop nut and a flat tip screw driver for the lock ring.
    Be sure to re-torque to 55-65ft. lbs. if it's mercruiser. OMC stuff goes to 70.

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    Back To Havasu
    Have lost a prop with a prop-lock. Don't know whether it was me or a bad design or both (McGard). Take it off at night. Just my $.02.

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    Thanks for tips guys. I think I will invest in a prop wrench and just take it off at night.

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    the lock ring on the mercruisers can become non working(gets loose) after many prop channges.My boss tested many props for his bravo 1 about 10 years ago and when his son and i took it we lost a nice 5 blade stainless.After asking why it came off people asked if we had been using the same lock ring.I guess the tabs weaken after a few changes.Just a suggestion.I myself will take the prop off.I do have extra tabs too(came with the boat i bought)

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    Just buy a jet boat and you don't have to worry about someone stealing your prop. That was for you 77Charger (traitor).

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