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Thread: Supermarket Strikers

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    The news just showed strikers in Santa Monica yelling at shoppers and chasing them through the parking lot. WTF, am I the only one that thinks this Strike is beyond ridiculous. Get your stupid asses back to work. I respected the strike at first but not anymore.

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    Exactly my stand. I was hesitant to cross a picket line at first...not because I'm a big pussy but I respect the decision for workers to strike...but this has to end some time! Lets everyone get back to work and just get on with our lives. How can the strikers survive? I understand that there is a "strike fund" but that can't last too long.

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    That is B.S
    they need to understand notall people have the means to dreive miles away and get stuff.
    That was made me rethink their postion....

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    The picketers realize now that they've been screwed by the union, and they're now lashing-out at the consumer when they should be lashing-out at the union. Either way The picketers are getting screwed. Some will be lucky to still have a job. When this is all over, the union will be fine, the Supermarkets will be fine, and once again, the American worker takes it in the rear. What's wrong with this picture? Corporate greed on both sides of the fence.

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    I haven't needed to cross any picket lines yet, but if the strikers are going to chase people that do, maybe I will!! I don't really think they'll want to catch me!!. As was already said, Get over it!!!!!!!........Moneypitt

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    I'm all for supermarket strippers......

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    Originally posted by hoolign
    I'm all for supermarket strippers......
    It would bring new meaning to "Clean Up On Isle 4"!!

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    My buddy's wife received two copies of the latest offer, one from the union and one from the employer. He said they looked like two different documents, and that his wife discovered it was the union who was lying about the offer. I guess it's all about saving face now for the union, too bad it's the workers who got hosed. I think the striking workers should all go back to work and go on strike against the union and see how those greedy Aholes like it.

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    What ever happened to free enterprising?? If you don't like your job than move on to creating bigger and better opportunities for themselves . There has to be something better to do for there families then hold up signs. Are these people not able to make there way in a opportune society? Move along.

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    Jungle Boy
    I've never understood the union mentality. Why would you think that going on strike for a buck or two increase make any sence, when you've spent a month or two making a third of what you would normally make. It would take a year to make up the difference. I've always lived by the idea that if you don't like your job and think you getting ****ed, then quit and find something better. Unions can lick my ass.

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