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Thread: Going to get the boat

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    Going to Kansas to get my boat out of storage to put it together. Picture taken somewhere in Utah where the weather was beautiful.......for snowmobiling.
    Snowboat, wasn't this a fun trip. Doing another 700 miles with it in February. Should bring in a blizzard to Colorado and Kansas.

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    Good luck man.
    Post lots O pics of you build process.

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    No snow forecasted yet, must be something wrong.
    I will definately do that SD when I get going.

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    That photo is a freakin' classic!
    What part of KS were you in?
    I wuz there for a while...then I escaped.

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    Actually I have had the boat in storage in Kansas. This picture was taken on the way from Sparks/Reno Nevada to Wyoming where I was living at last year. It was last February when we had the snow storm from hell. Long drive across Nevada, Utah, and Wyoming at 25-35 mph. The boat was being stored in SE Kansas.

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    That's incredible! And the reason I am not going anywhere today! Blizzard for sweeties day!

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    Got it home with only one slight incident. When I told my wife the boat was going in the garage she must have misunderstood and thought it was going on my side, go figure. Tomorrow I will start stripping parts out for new bearings and seals. Finally have a reason to stop lurking!!!

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