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Thread: Mag 454 vs. Mag 496

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    Im considering the Mag 454 over the Mag 496. I just wanted to get some feed-back of peoples opions about these two motors.

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    Magic Sandbar
    I have the 496 HO and one of the things I like best is that it has a closed coolant system in the block. Having coolant always in the block gives you two great advantages. 1, operating temperatures are consistant. 2, winterizing is done in 15 seconds. I am not sure about the specs on torque between the 454 and 496 but, I would guess with larger displacement you will get more torque.

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    I went to Howards Custom Boats today to check out the progress on my 22 sport. They were supposed to have my 496 HO inhouse and ready for installation. I very suprised and concerned to here that Mercury has recalled the 496 HO for problems with the push rods being to long. Gene at Howard said that the new updated motor should be in shop next week. In the meantime I will be contacting Mercury to find out more. Anyone else heard of this problem or any other problem with the 496 HO?
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    I don't believe it was all 496 HOs, just the most recent batch, but yes it's true, they recalled all of the 496 mag HOs in stock last week, they have been hard to get for a few weeks now and when the semi got to California on Monday they had to turn around and take back all the HOs. Merc says it's a problem from Chevrolet and that a new batch of motors will be here the end of next week. Don't count on them being in on time though, Merc is often late with their product and with the demand as high as it is right now for these motors it is going to take a while for them to fill all the orders. It's not Gene's fault and there is nothing he or any of the other builders can do to get motors any faster so be patient with your builder, it will all be worth it when it's done. You're going to have your new boat for many years, one or two more weeks (even if it is memorial or you have a big vacation planed) is not worth making him rush to finish earlier than what he needs in order to build a perfect product.

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    Thanks for your input and info regarding the recall on the 496 ho's. I am definetly looking forward to our new boat and even if it takes a couple of extra weeks, its ok. Your right, our family will have this boat for a very long time. As for Gene and Mike I can not be more pleased with them and their service they are great people and wonderful craftsmen. Merc is another issue altogether. I called their customer nonservice number I got from their website and was disappointed that they can not and will not answer technical questions unless you are a dealer. I guess being almost a monopoly allows you to take this attitude. It's sad that they don't realize that us the consumers are the ones that make Merc so popular and proifitable not the dealers. Just my .02.

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    Just a little tidbit of info.
    If you are not aware, the 496 HO and 496STD engines are 2" longer in length, as well as both wider and taller than a 454/502.
    I know, because I just changed engines in a Caliber 1 jet boat being built. Interior space is more precious in a pump boat than an I/O, is space.
    Also, for those who ski, the EFI intake is mounted at the front of the engine, so if a forward mounted ski pylon is desired, it can only be mounted fwd of the engine. This further decreases interior space, depending on how your interior is done.

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    Dana has a top of the motor mounted ski pole for the new 496 already, both jet and I/O. I've done a few already and they work great.
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