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Thread: What kind of distributor????Im lost!

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    Ok i have been looking at distributors and i am a little lost. i have one but I would like to get a better one. I have a msd hei coil,cap, and rotor and a 6al box. What is a good distributor to run? What are are the pros and cons? What are some of the kinds of distributor you guys run? I am lost

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    Which one? MSD makes a nice selection!

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    Originally posted by 396_WAYS_TO_SPIT
    Which one? MSD makes a nice selection!
    I run the MSD pro billet with the 6AL box on my canoe.

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    I have run a mallory unilite with no problems,but will probably switch to MSD pro billet as an upgrade.

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    Mallory Dual Point here...OK, Laugh all ya's want
    But in 7 seasons of use I was never towed in due to a "Bad Box":wink:

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    396, I`d use what ya got.

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    I'm runnning a Mallary dual point in my 68 Schiada flat, had it in since 68 ! Runs great. Put a MSD 6M box and msd dist. in my 77 Sanger ski hydro and have had no problems, gets wet at times but is sealed.

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    just get an MSD module and run what you have.

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    Thanks guys, I am going to run a msdm pro billet #85551 with ma blaster2 coil and my 6al box.
    should I get the one that has mechanical advance or vacume?

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