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Thread: I just don't get it (short rant)

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    Originally posted by carbonmarine
    Is this place turning into Offshoreonly, run by a bunch of diet coke drinking homsexual, trustfund babies that call each other Poodle as grown men for sport ?
    Seems every boating fourm I go on people are just bashing the other sites...... arn't we all boaters? Just getting under my skin

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    Tom Brown
    Originally posted by RiverDave
    Well... there's something to be said for having pride for your "home" board.
    I couldn't agree more, Poodle.

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    OSO has some good info...but I don't like sites where I have to pay to view pics in the image gallery.....If ***boatpics charged to view their pics, I would be living in van down by the river

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