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Thread: Any one have pics of Tweed seats in a boat?

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    Jake W
    Was wondering if any one had pics of some tweed int done in a boat.I am gona go with tweed over the 2 ribbed race buckets just wondereing what I will end up with.
    Tired of the old back stick in 100 deg weather.

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    Kindsvater Flat
    This had them. My only worry would be retaining water. Lots of the circle racers run tweed seats.

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    bigriverdog has some sweet tweed seats!

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    If you're goin with the tweed thats popular in cars (Marquesalana fibers) stay away from the colors. Blue is the worst then green and red. Black or grey only. If you go with the fluffier lookin material ( I think it was the Boise line in colors like Mocha, Charcoal)( I think thats what's in that pic. of the flat. I LOVE THAT BOAT) it is much stronger and more resistant to UV. I've done several but dont have pics on my HD. I have a friend that has light blue tweed in his cruiser. Last year we redid the back seat. This year the fronts. Next year the back again. Not for a dock banger, but if you take care of your stuff it looks great! Oh ya, I do embroidery too.:wink:

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    Jake W
    I want to go as dark grey as I can and it will have black pipeing.I have had it in custom trucks and liked it.Had vinel in the last two boats I have redone and wanted to go tweed this time.
    Thanks for the pic K Flat
    Tim I remember seeing yours a while back but your pic came up as a red X.
    Todd (Bigriverdog) has the really clean 18 CP that use to belong Bubba right I remember seeing the pics of it and the int was really nice.
    Coolchange thanks for the advise.

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    Kindsvater Flat

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    Jake W
    There seem to be a pattren of the tweed seats with the vinel on the top part of the seat.Is this a must or just so you dont get it dirty with you arms?
    K Flat Billys Bezer is bad ass.
    Tim now its there really nice.

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    How does tweed feel, seams like it wouldnt feel very good on my back.

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    Jake W
    Shaun though tweed may kind of look like a burlap sack it does not feel that way.

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