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Thread: Caddy wet manifolds?

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    Anyone got any Caddy exh manifolds. YA I know, but my bros got a truck sittin with a 512 Caddy in it and I think if I just drop a set of manifolds on him I might get him to see the light. A Byers with the Caddy would be cool.

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    Kindsvater Flat
    I just looked at Glenwoods site and didn't see any. If anyone had them I figured it would be them.

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    Blown 472
    The port spacing on the caddy is the same as a chev, you can get caddy header plates and cut the chev ones off a set of headers and weld the caddy stuff on and have a set of headers for it.

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    the hot set up on a 472 or a 500 caddy was 460 ford ex manifolds with spacers in-between. There was actually a guy out here in so cal that built them and carried them in his catalog back in the late 80's. He moved to Florida and then sold his company to another cad guy.
    But to answer you question, it's yes. I have a catalog I'll dig out later, from the guy in Texas that builds caddy motors. He sells them for 500 bucks a set. No risers. Also, I'm sure you already know this, an Olds rear mount will boat up to the cad, but I think you have to work on the cone for the starter. If fact, it may be on the wrong side. I can't remember now. Minor probem, plus, you just have to fab up some front mounts.
    This was my engine of choice too for a 21 spectra v-drive I was going to build last year. I bailed on the project, but still have the engine stashed away for another day. I think it'd be a great engine for a cruiser, tons of tourque. And there's alot more equipment for them now, then there was even 5 years ago. Edelbrock builds a new performer manifold for it as well. Plus it's almost 100 lbs lighter than a BBC.
    I'll get the # for you later today. I'm talking about wet manifolds by the way, not headers. Is that what you're looking for?

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    Big Mac
    The Aero Marine Rear mount has the starter on both side & will w ork on both Olds & Cad & Buick. Nicson made wet manifolds for cad 1967 thru 1978 P/N 425-P

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    just talked to a friend of mine (tom doidge owner, builder of p21 crackerbox "gramps cracker") he has sitting in the garage an old caddy he pulled ,running, out of his wickens. Marine equipped, dual AFBs, stroker, isky etc. would be interested in selling if an older cad (mid-late 50's ?) gets you excited. PM me and i'll put you together with him. He says it has 500+ ci, pulled a 25 gear and hauled the mail.

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    Thanks guys. Blown- I talked to Jim at Rewarder and he can build headers for it no sweat But I'm lookin for manifolds. Old rigger- Was that CMD that used to be in Ventura? Got some stuff from him way back. $500, not that into it! If I just "dropped" a set of manifolds on him that I "found" It might just be enough to seed the idea. He doesnt drive his truck anymore and its got a 512 thats pretty sweet in it. Big Pontiac valves, ported, even built a sheet metal EFI intake for it. Ran low 14's with a 3.00 gear hazing the 31 inch Michelins to 1/2 track. Mac thanks for the part number, the say they can still cast anything they have a part # for but went that route once a long time ago and after about a year waiting for some funky left S twist risers I gave up. Gotta- that motor sounds sweet but I already have all the motors I could ever use (maybe). KF- You're runnin a Mopar right? I've got a adjustable rocker 440 w/ dual AFBs that might go in my Rayson if the 389 dont cut it. I may have some ? for you later on parts swappin.

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    I'm going to blow my cover here but I've been working on a Cad deal for a while. I have 2 500's and plan to rig one out for a v-drive. Here's what I believe to be the facts relative to the stuff mentioned in this thread. There are 4 or more good vendors out there now, read the latest Car Craft. The current hot forum is here:
    A Cad 472 or 500 weighs 575 lbs. with an aluminum intake.
    The Edelbrock performer pulls to 5000 tops.
    Don't waste your time on a 390 or 429. There are no parts.
    The 425 has a lighter block and crank, not necesarrily weak but few parts available and the head suck.
    The exhaust spacing is about .160 wider than bbc per port due to the 5.000 bore spacing.
    Bulldog has aluminum cad 500 heads for $2200 complete. Their intake is full race only.
    Stock heads need a shaft rocker conversion for anything but bone stock use.
    The bellhousing pattern is BOP but the starter is on the other side (passenger).
    Front motor mount bosses are the same as small Chrysler.
    There is no forged piston available off the shelf, customs from Cad vendors are about $800. K-B hypers are available but not adviseable for over 5000 rpm.
    Stock rods are ok but over 5500 swap for 455 olds forgings. Custom strokers use 440 or hemi rods and offset undersize journals.

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