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Thread: Color me impressed

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    Met AZtommy and buddy WildBill the flattie driver up at the lake today. Tommy's 21' Centurion ran a gps'd 71 mph today. Not sure what's in the motor, single vac sec carb, the old Edelbrock sideways single plane manifold, and the pump is an old model Berk which gets discussed on this thread Tommy's ride (http://www.***
    Can't believe he got a 21 foot, 70 mph boat in this kinda shape for $3500. Well not in this kinda shape. He wetsanded and buffed the gel and painted the trailer, spent a G on new seats, floor, carpeting etc. Don't want to make it sound like he didn't do any work on the thing.
    Here's a couple photos. Water was perfect with just a wind ripple and hardly anybody there. You could run all out as long as you cared (dared) to.
    Tommy's ride
    Going away
    Da gang......................o.k. very abbreviated gang.

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    Ken F
    Dan, you know that is just plain disgusitng! Posting pics of you guys on the lake in t-shirts! Have you no compassion? No empathy?
    Ken F

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    Sorry Ken ol buddy. If it's any consolation, we had to wear jackets until about noon.

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    Honey, we're moving to Arizona! She'd love that !
    But I am jealous of your weather...

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    Sorry Ken ol buddy. If it's any consolation, we had to wear jackets until about noon.
    It's not!! It's 5 degrees and F&%#* freezing, 18' of snow and the boat is buried in the back yard. So stop posting those warm looking pics. that are making me want to pack all my crap up and move out there. Just kidding post all the pics. you want they are awsome, at least someone is having a good time in Feb.

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    Chris J
    5 degrees You lucky bastards,
    We've been below freezing for 28 days straight and still counting (-20 last night). Went ice fishing the other day and I had to hand chiesal the last couple of inches. Only had a 3' long blade on the ice auger. Looks like its going to be a late spring for us this year. Ice proabably won't be off the lakes until mid April.
    I suppose this may have something to do with why most of the jet boater live in CA or the southern tier. No shortatge of boat up here just don't see alot of the 60's & 70's jet boats.

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    Jake W
    Dan you ever get the back cut shoe put on? And if so what was the changes ?Looks like you guys had a good time.

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    Great looking boat AZ!

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    Is he that lucky? he has 110 temps to work with in the summer. 110 is nice on the water, but for daily life. yuck. Guess you gotta give to get.
    Wait, I am in so cal, Its 70 today, I would take the boat out but the motors gone.
    It's 90 here in the summer, Ok, you CAN have it all!!!:devil:

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    Wasn't trying to be an ass. I'm not a stranger to the cold. I lived in the upper penninsula of Michigan for 10 years. Lived in Deluth, Hastings, Minneapolis-St. Paul Minnesota for a couple three years, as well as southern Michigan, Illinois, Iowa, Kentucky, Wisconsin etc. etc. I do remember the winters well. Used to climb poles and hang wire for a living. Sometimes as cold as -50 degrees with snow up to my crotch draggin around 100 lbs of hardware and tools while pulling on a rope. Don't mean to be insensitive. If anything..............hoping that a little visual fix will help ya's through the nastiness of winter. Ya'll hang in there.

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