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Thread: Need Some Advise.....

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    First is the powder coating on my engine mounting hardwear has some chips. how would i remove the coating ?? should i ??
    mabie just replace them. also the flywheel cover (bell housing) bottom area is missing alowing the flywhel to be exposed on the bottom. I would like to replaced it including the driveline cover.
    where do i find this stuff.

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    To remove the powder coating, try Aircraft Stripper by KleenStrip. If it'll come off, this stuff will get it off. Available in aerosol and pints, too. You won't need much, esp. if the powder is acrylic.
    Go ahead, have fun. Avoid the fumes.

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    I seen a front and rear mount on ebay today,they were pretty cheap and had water pump included thomas

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    Check your pm i sent you the item number !!!!!!!!!

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    Thanks for the advise..

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