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    My 18lp Rason Craft has 2 skags under it one of which i was able to get off the other one appears to be glued on permanently( i cant get the damn thing off). What i'm wondering is it doesnt appear to be perfectly straight with the center line of the boat the leading edge sights towards the left side of the boat. Is this correcty , or do I need to figure out how to get this thing off and straighten it out. I also have a lose bow hook any ideas there is no acces to the thing. Thanks again

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    I would gues that to be correct on a circle boat however I would email CJ, he ought tp be able to answer that.

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    I also have an 18LP under restoration (since forever...)
    Are your skegs or 'turn fins' the drop-thru variety? Mine are- got two of them also. There's a slot cut right down the centerline of the keel for the fin to 'drop thru', and then there's several bolts that hold the flange, that the fin's welded to, to the keel. The bolt heads are countersunk into the keel from the outside.
    As far as the things having a left-hand 'angle of attack', either they got whacked or they're part of a circle racing boat rigging strategy to enable it to turn left once the hull drops back into the water as the boat slows for the turn. Well...of course they were THAT FAST!
    How was the one you removed installed?
    Getting to the bow eye on mine wasn't a problem. My front bulkhead was cut out, and all you have to do is slither up to the bow thru the cutout. Mine has no foam or other flotation packed in up there, so it's no problem. Just best to get a 'little person' to do it for you if you can. Got kids? Not yet? Well, get busy. You'll need a clean up crew soon than you'll know.
    BTW, to facilitate removal of either item, if all else fails, note the following signature line:

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    both my skags bolt from in side the boat not drop in, the bolts go down, the one thats off I just unbolted and gave it a smack and off it came

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    Originally posted by gochappy
    I would gues that to be correct on a circle boat
    Uh, no.

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    Originally posted by FlatUgly
    both my skags bolt from in side the boat not drop in, the bolts go down, the one thats off I just unbolted and gave it a smack and off it came
    Hmm. So your skeg does not drop thru a slot in the the flat flange that the skeg is attached to was just bolted up to the bottom of the keel on the outside?
    Got pics?

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    yeah the skags have a flat flange that seats on the hull with threaded holes in them that bolt in from the top

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    Drop through fins were the cadillac of the time: More cost. Any angle as Mr P stated so eloquently, should not be present in other words, both fins should be in the same plane pointing straight ahead. Sometimes hulls were twisted in the mold to give them a turning advantage but I am not aware of any other tricks such as this. I am sure there were many tried but I am not the one with any experience or knowledge of circle tricks of the past. Now, Mr. P could fill us in on the current tricks enployed!
    I do know that fin misalignment will make a boat handle poorly since the L boat had a bent one. I could not straighten it and had to take it to the machine shop. If your fins are cast bolt ons, they may have been stuck on with a sealer before bolting. Try a small amount of heat on the fin while carefully twisting. If you have studs you cant do this but with the top installed bolts removed you may. Be careful not to use the hammer too much since fiberglass gets brittle with age. My 02

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    Never heard of running fins crooked to get around the corner. I think the rudder does that. Would be a bitch I'd think fighting the pull down the straight with a crooked fin fighting the steering.

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    My boat was originally rigged by the factory for circle racing. My fins were also a little left. Going straight with the nose up, It suprisingly didn't vear much. Dropping the plate at speed would make it ghost turn hard.
    As far off as it was, I can't help but think it wasn't an accident. Also, why wasn't it corrected by the guy who raced it ??
    Too crazy for me, I straightened them.
    I've never really researched this before, now I'm going to look into it.

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