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Thread: whats the best way to paint an old boat

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    I had a friend ask me how he would paint his high tech 24' boat
    And still keep that gel coat type finish or protection from scratching and not seeing the old paint beneath. I was not sure it could be done because of the way they put the graphics in a reverse type manner outside in. Any ideas?

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    Not sure If I understand the question ...But...If you want the durability of Gelcoat than thats what you must use ...nothings tougher....It will never shine like it did when popped from the mold however.Paint ,on the other hand is far easier to make shine like a new penny,the color combinations are limitless,there is endless combo's regarding pearls and metallics ...but not near as tough

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    The gel coat seems to be pretty thick and I thought if you paint over that all you could do is a clear coat over the paint like on a car and would be more likely to chip, fade and show the old paint

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    Tom Brown
    Brian is a paint expert (who has helped me a lot) and I'm just a hobbiest but I would suggest that epoxies like Imron/Awlgrip/Kemron/etc. are actually more durable than gel from a UV resistance perspective and not too bad mechanically.

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    You could scuff the old gel and clear it to re vitalize it if you like that design and its not faded bad,or you could sand it and start from scratch with paint

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    paint tha mutha pank

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    Kim Hanson
    Originally posted by HOSS
    paint tha mutha pank
    LMAO......( . )( . )......

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    Your friend wants to know...... just say its you.

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