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Thread: Time for Us Heteros to Extract Some Revenge on All This Gayness (on TV)

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    Feb. 23 issue - Now here's a reality show we never saw coming. "Straight Plan for the Gay Man" is Comedy Central's cute, role-reversing spoof of Bravo's makeover hit.
    Each week the "Flab Four" help a gay man realize his dream of passing for a day as a hetero. Why any self-respecting gay man would have such a dream is unclear. In any case, the show's first patient is Jonathan, an effete fashionista who might be TV's tackiest gay man: one apartment wall is covered with collectible teacups so heinous that the guys' redecoration effort—bowling trophies and an oinking potato-chip dispenser—is an improvement.

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    Jungle Boy
    Just what is up with all the GAY SHIT on TV these days? Hollywood is pushing all this shit at us in an attempt to de-sensitize us "normal" people into thinking that sucking another guys dick is normal;IT'S NOT NORMAL". All them queer Hollywood types are pushing their agenda at us and it makes me ****ing ill.

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    10% off the Vaseline now get the **** back in the closet.:yuk:

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    Dave C
    thats good!
    In Frisco, they had those gay weddings all over the local news this weekend.
    What a publicity stunt. It is in direct challenge to California law.
    Its going to be interesting to see what happens next.

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    little rowe boat
    We need a Constitutional amendment,prohibiting same sex marriage.

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    Originally posted by Reaper1
    10% off the Vaseline now get the **** back in the closet.:yuk: They don't use Vaseline, they use Poly-Grip

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    It's just Hollywood exploiting another "trend" that's come down the pike. If you remember before all this Gay crap started, we had the Latin trend from Hollywood and that has already bitten the dust, so it's just a matter of time before the nostalgia of this gay tend wears off, and then fades away. Not that gay television will fade away, just the overbearing in your face attitude of it all. Hollywood always overdoes everything, and in turn, sucks the life out of everything that it touches because of greed. So fear not, everything must come to an end and hopefully this one will sooner then later.

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