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    Picking up stakes and heading south guys. Have a home in Foothill Ranch if anyone is looking to move. Shoot me a e-mail and I can send you the details. BTW Foothill Ranch is located 3 miles north of the 405 & 5 intersection.

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    What about Islands???

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    Gave my notice a few days ago. Goning to work for DCB-Sales & customer service

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    I live in Foothill Ranch up off of Alton... Where abouts it your place and how much are you asking??

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    wow..... CONGRATS, I heard a rumor of this awhile back. Glad to see it happend! where in san diego are you looking to live? so now your in at DCB you can get me the deal I want for a new MACH 26 let me know when you start, we will do lunch....

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    Congrats on the job...great crew to work with down there.

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    starting on the 8th, actualy needed a home in between cuz the wife is still working in Irvine, so had to opt for Carlsbad $$$. Got a place right off of poinsetta and the 5. 1/8 mile off the beach.

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    You can make a living selling boats? well good luck.

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    Bryan, what the hell is your avatar all about?

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    no idea

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