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Thread: Nascar sucks....

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    .....the beers out of my fridge faster than I can put them in
    calm down ....breath...breath...

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    HE HE HE! Ya Got Me!!

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    Daytona was pretty predictable.

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    Damn! I don't live in a trailer so we can't get nascar!
    Fvcking cable company.

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    Damn Hoolign you know people are reved up when they open this thread.

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    Originally posted by titties and beer
    I DON'T SEE WHAT THE BIG DEAL IS ,round and round and round and round,go fast turn left LOL! That's usually the exact argument from the non-belivers.

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    NBC SUCKS I it when they broadcast, THEY ALWAYS GO TO COMMERCIAL.

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    Maybe they needed Janet?

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    Originally posted by Kilrtoy
    NBC SUCKS I it when they broadcast, THEY ALWAYS GO TO COMMERCIAL.
    youve got that right. unfortunately, because the sport (yeah, i said SPORT) has a huge and growing fan base, the major networks all want their piece. "back in the day" when it was broadcast on tnt, tbs, etc wegot to see alot more of the race.

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