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Thread: For all you speed freaks out there, your very own F/A 18-A Hornet

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    Ebay FA-18-A Hornet (
    One mil or so, or a cool 9 mil painted, assembled and ready to fly.
    You just have to get the FBI off your ass as to how/why you have it.

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    301 bids so far, I will wait until there is a couple minutes left to get mine in.
    I find it interesting on what people buy. Look at the person leading right now and some of the other items they won, with that kind of money the plane is going for, they bought some cheap items. I guess it is easier than going to the local wal-mart

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    NorCal Gameshow
    The bid's at US $99,999,999.00 think paypal can handle it ???

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    That's just freakin nice....what's next?
    Navy Seal SDV (mini sub)....well....we wanted freedom and we're getting get:frown:

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    Thats a lot of miles on a CC.

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    spectras only
    Why wouldn't one of those be available to the general public?
    I can understand the Aircraft (to some extent) but a sub? Why not?
    RD Dave , we had a russian foxbat submarine on display here in vancouver for a while. The old dude who owned it paid only a million cdn for it.He had cash on him to negotiate the deal while in russia.The public interest faltered after 2 years and he went bankcrupt.I think it's in seattle [where those airplanes are],don't know who has it now, Washington group maybe [they're the ones who built the bc fastcats for 400mil and bought it back on auction for 16 mil, taxpayers sure got f.....ed ] . This submarine was actually one of that was always lurking around the west coast before decommissioned

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    jerry billet
    Had a Russian helicopter, mostly assembled in my brothers whse for a few years, The owners were busted for diamond smuggling. seemed they forgot about it. Tried to put a warehousemans lien on it and sell to myself for the storage and hauling charges. MAN, They showed up the same day. Really pissed off and took it to the alemeda air station. Never paid me either.

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