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Thread: Boat Races in Texas

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    Does anyone have any info on when there might be some boat racing near Dallas, or Waco. Mom and dad are wanting to go see it first hand sometime this year.
    Are there maybe some sites that would have schedules of things like that?

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    LUVNLIFE or and all have schedules. I don't believe the new ones are up yet but there is a stop in Waco.

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    The SDBA will be in waco on April 23-25 and the IHBA will be in Waco on June 26-27 and both have the full (tentative) schedules posted

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    SDBA races in Ft Worth in June. I went last year, had a blast.
    I met Marty Logan, had a tour of his boat (I know, whacka)
    He is a great guy and he won his class. A schedule
    was posted awhile back in hot spots central....Here it is...
    April 23,24 & 25 Waco
    May 15 & 16 Brady
    June 19 & 20 Ft Worth
    June 26 & 27 Waco (IHBA)
    July 17 & 18 Witcha
    Aug 7 & 8 Cleburne
    Aug 13, 14 & 15 Marble Falls (IHBA)
    Aug 28 & 29 (TBA IHBA) = Could be Austin?!?
    Sept 4 & 5 Pine Bluff
    I also met RRR there wnen we were leaving, my son had to leave to go Boy Scout camping so we cut it kinda short.

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    I think that schedule is for 2003??

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    2004 IHBA National Drag Boat Racing Series
    Race Schedule - National Series
    21th Annual Lakefest
    April 30-May 1 *
    Firebird Raceway, Chandler, AZ
    National & Div 1
    28th Annual Nitro Nationals
    Event Website
    May 28 - 30, 2004**
    Lake Red Bluff, Red Bluff, CA
    National, Div 1, Div 6
    29th Annual Texas Shootout
    June 26 - 27, 2004
    Brazos River, Waco, TX
    National & Div II
    19th Annual Augusta Southern Nationals
    Event Website
    July 16 - 18, 2004*
    Augusta, GA
    National & Div III
    4rd Annual Southern Thunder Nationals
    Event Website
    July 23* - 25, 2004
    Gadsden, AL
    National & Div III
    *Test & Tune Date
    13th Annual Marble Falls Lakefest 2004
    Event Website
    August 13 -15, 2004*
    Marble Falls, TX
    National, Div 1 & 2
    San Diego, CA Bay Fair
    Event Website
    Sept. 17-19, 2004
    * Race Added to Schedule - Invitational Only
    (We will be contacting the top 8 points leaders in each class to invite them to this race).
    4th Annual California Finals
    Event Website
    October 2-3, 2004
    Lake Yosemite, Merced, CA
    National & Div 1 & 6
    21th Annual Coors Light World Finals***
    Event Website
    November 18-21, 2004*
    Firebird Raceway, Chandler, AZ
    National, Div 1,
    Div 2, Div 3, & Div
    thats the 2004 ihba schedule from there website.... and the sdba schedule above is the 2004 .... its pretty similar to the 2003 schedule jus a few difference (ie. no race in Bryan, Tx)

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    Thanks for the info!!

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    no prob, btw i would recomend the Waco SDBA race.... They're trying something new...its called the pro-mod shootout and their will probably be 20+ pro modified boats there....with a top fuel purse.

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    my appolgies, but the post said 2004

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    Originally posted by Keith
    my appolgies, but the post said 2004
    My fault, I read the schedule for last year, and it looked so close to the one posted that I took it as '03.
    Thanks for the help!!

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