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Thread: Howard Regatta Un-Official

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    We bought a new (to us) house instead of a new boat so the regatta is still on for June. Anyone with interest please respond. Nick

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    dr. margarita
    Have you set a date yet?

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    Yeah, I thought I did. I have to look but I am pretty sure it is June 20,21 somthing like that. We are keeping our boat 1 more year so why not do this.

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    little rowe boat
    Nick we are still interested and have booked our room at the springs for that weekend.Congrats on the house,so does this mean no new Deck boat?

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    dr. margarita
    I just booked Father's Day weekend at the Springs. 6/18 through 6/20. See you all there! I'll call GT and Killer "V".
    Hey SD: Thanks again for all your effort. You gonna give Mike a call?
    Hey Roln 20's: You might wanna book this one.

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    roln 20s
    Hey Roln 20's: You might wanna book this one.
    Good point- I think I will pencil it in. Thanks!
    Roln 20s

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    little rowe boat
    I think it's going to be the weekend of 6/25,26 and 27.

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    dr. margarita
    Can you firm this up SD? I'll need to change my reservations.

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    Hey count me in for sure cant wait till summer gets thats for sure.

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    little rowe boat
    Hey Sd.lifesaver are you going to get back to us and confirm the date for the regatta.

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