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Thread: Tunnel Ram injection system

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    Jake W
    Taylorman had put up a Ebay add a while back and ever since I have not been able to get the idea out of my head.
    I want to build a tunnel ram injection system for my 460 FORD.
    Can some one give me a parts list or a system that might be more easy?
    So I need
    one Tunnel Ram
    One Bird catcher
    one t tank
    please help on the rest
    thanks Jake

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    Enderle sells the line kit, nozzle bodys, nozzles and the hat. I think he also has the top plate to adapt the tunnel ram. You also need an 80A pump, pills, fuel shutoff, fuel shutoff cable. Barell Valve spool is different also. You'll need a belt drive setup too. Call Enderle Fuel Injection. Ask for Jim.

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    Blown 472
    And then get really friendly with the back of your boat while you tune it.

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    2 places I would go, me or Good Vibrations....My # is 254-889-3336/ Good Vibrations 1-800-576-7661......Just got back from Texas raceway tuning our new tunnel ram / birdcatcher setup on our fresh 632. Full body 97 Olds Cutlass 2300# no driver out of the traailer and minimum tune up ran 3 back to back 4.97's at 139 and 140 mph. i just finished putting this motor together and setting up the injection this afternoon and went straight to the track. I was impressed.

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    Jake W
    Thanks Fait 48 for the info
    sdba069 what about the hard to start issue some in the other thread said you would need a primer or squirt bottle.I will give you a call tomarrow.

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    Jake W
    Oyea this is for my JETBOAT

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    UBFJ #454
    4.97/139 & 140 ??? Typo?

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    I believe that is in the 1/8th mile, bear. It seems that very few people run the eighth out west, but almost all the tracks down this way are 1/8 mile. Hell, SC only has 2 1/4 mile tracks, Darlington and Jackson, Jackson is 10 mi. from here. The IHRA brackets run the 1/8 mile. and 4.97@140 is nasty fast!

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    Sorry about not mentioning the 1/8 mile deal, I did that assume thing. We run IHRA Div. 4 points with this car in Top Sportsman. I think once we get the tune up, launch RPM, and shift RPM where we want them it should run low 4.80's on motor. We also run some local Outlaw Top Sportsman which is a 4.70 heads up deal on a Pro Tree and we spray about 200 hp, then we attempt to run Pro Mod with it sometime and spray 500hp. Pro Mod has gotten so tough that if you can't run a 4.30 you can't even qualify. As far as the starting, the only time we use the primer is on a cold start, but yes you will need one, to hell with that squirt bottle thing. After the motor is warm, we start spinning the motor over with the ignition off for about 8 or 10 revolutions and then turn on the ignition and it starts every time. We do the same thing on our blown stuff. On our primer systems, we just use a little cheap electric fuel pump and a NOS fuel solenoid. Some people run a seperate small gasoline tank for the primer because gas will start it a little easier, but my personal stuff, I use alky for the primer and have no problem. Besides, 1 less tank to mount and you don't have to worry about carrying gas and alky with you. Damn, I'm outa breath, hope this helps.

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    Jake W
    I was wanting to run Gas through it all the time thats can be done right?
    what would a set up like this cost not including the tunnel ram, just the pills fuel pump birdcatcher lines injecters ect.

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