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Thread: tach drive

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    What's the secret to running an elect tach with a mag?I know,rookie question.

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    LeE ss13
    You must buy a tach specifically designed to run with a magneto. They usually use an inductive pickup rather than a direct connection.

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    PE 316
    Flat Rat,
    Try this one from Autometer (Part# 5210)
    Autometer High Performance Products (ACCESSORIES) (
    This should work for ya!!

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    Flat Rat, Use mech, tach. I run a Vertex mag, but I taped the balancer bolt and ran the tach drive off of it. I think you get a better reading.

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    Does your Mag. distributor have a mechanical tach drive hookup?
    I've seen a little generator type deal that hooks up there and puts out pulses to drive a normal tach. I think Auto Meter made them at one point, not sure now. If you can't find them let me know, I'll as my brother inlaw, he has one on his Dodge...

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    Flat Rat, I have one that I am not using! Hey, I thought you have a mechanical tach! Drive it off the casale!

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