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Thread: Ouch...

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    I think he left his teeth on the front of the car.

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    Job Description: Stop Race Car with Body, while planting face in the front:eek!:

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    Jungle Boy
    I hope the driver bought the other guy lunch and a hooker for that.

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    Tom Brown

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    Was that you Burb??

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    Originally posted by OutCole'd
    Was that you Burb??
    Hell no, I would have smacked the driver upside the head....
    That was the Ferrari team during a practice session, I worked for the opposition albeit some time ago. The only time I have been run over properly I was in no position to do anything afterwards...

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    Tom Brown
    Burb, can you arrange a scrap between Nigel Stepney and myself? Collegiate rules... 3 pins? I'd like to give him a go.

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    Wild car riding championship.

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