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Thread: Got my first order from Rex Marine...

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    Drunk tank
    Nothin fancy... just a SS scoop and flame arestor for ontop of my carb. But I'm damn impressed... I wasnt expecting anything this leval of quality! Perfect mirror finish, beautiful edges... just one damn nice product! I'll definatly be ordering alot more stuff from them! Anyhow, just thought I'd share

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    Jungle Boy
    They most definatly have some nice shit.

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    I wish the catalog I requested 3-4 months ago would come. Then I might order some stuff

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    Jake W
    I will say this about REX Marine they have about the best looking alum products out there for a mail order type place.But when stuff is back ordered or they have to order it in they should call you and tell you about it and not let you wonder why the stuff has not arived yet and call them.I have redone 2 boats and now on a #3 and like Rexs parts the best.What is the deal with the catalogs?

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    Jet Hydro
    Originally posted by skipr
    I wish the catalog I requested 3-4 months ago would come. Then I might order some stuff
    Don't feel bad , 2 years ago I ordered a 100+mph memory recall speedometer, never got it or a catalog. Guess my money isn't good enough for mike?

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    I recieved my first order from them this past tuesday. I too was very impressed. A set of Bassett ot, silencers, and transom exhast hole plates, very nice. Even sent me a Rex marine sticker that I had to put up in my shop

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    Jake W
    While we are on the convo of stickers I have ordered at leat 1000 or so bucks from REX probely more like 1500 to 2000.I have never gotten a sticker.Hear is the funny part to me.A friend of mine in to trucks ask me where he could get one of thoes gas caps with a lock on it to relocate his filler in to the bed so I say REX has alot of them and gave him their number so ,I go over there to look at his truck and low and behold if he does not have a REX sticker stuck to his tool box I was like did you buy that and he said no it was just in the box with the ONE PART FROM REX.That figures dosent it, spend a grand or more no sticker spend 60 bucks and a sticker.
    Mike I have a stearing wheel and one pice alum adapter coming from you guys THERE better be a Fing sticker in that box ha ha ha I will let you guys know.

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    I have placed a few orders with Rex and have always been completely satisfied. All of my orders have been small, but they treated me with respect and courtesy (I can’t say that for some other suppliers). In my experience Rex only stocks top notch parts that is why they tend to be a little more expensive than some of the others. The fit and finish on Rex parts that I have seen have been second to none.
    The thing that impresses me is the time that Rexone takes to support all the boaters on this board. He spends countless hours on here answering questions and helping people. He will be the first one to offer a solution to a problem if he has it. He makes no money off of that and I honestly think he does it just to be a nice guy and help his fellow boaters out.
    I am usually one of the first to give him a hard time about the catalog. But everyone needs to realize that he has a company to run and juggling that, making a catalog, and supporting the members of this board can be a handful. I am sure if he didn’t take the time he does to support us he would have finished his catalog a while ago. I personally would rather have his contribution to this board than a catalog.

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    Last I heard Topless owed Mike alot of back rent so he put her to work assembling all those catalogs and working in customer service to make sure everyone gets theirs...........

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