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Thread: Newest bartender on the block....

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    It's official, I'm now a "certified mixologist". Pretty impressive, eh? Women will swoon, men will be jealous and...well anyways. I made 12 drinks perfectly(including REAL fruit garnish) in 3 minutes 41 seconds and scored 99.75% on the written. Actually I scored 99.25% but got .5 points extra credit for answering a question somebody else got wrong..SOOOO, anybody hiring??

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    When you going to apply at the Blue? JR's gone, now Drew's gone, and they got some Spun chick in their now that friggen tried to charge me for about 7 more drinks then I had both nights last week....
    Gotta love those River METHodist their pretty serious about their religion..

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    The Luvnlifes are. We don't pay much and there are no benefits but you can sleep on the patio. Congratulations on your new career. You will be the hit of the party.

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    NorCal Gameshow
    congrats high roller,
    I gotta know,what was the question????

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    Well, if you must know...the instructor asked a question about wrasslin on TV. I didn't watch it, but the fiance flipped by as she was going from one reality show to another and I just happened to see the end of the show, which gave away the answer. Lucky me! Now, call me crazy but I would like to tend bar at the RoadRunner or Fox's for just one summer. I imagine that's all you could stand. Hey MB2, can I shack up in your river house while I tend bar across the street? There's also 4 bartending jobs in Hawaii that just opened up, so you never know!!

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    Originally posted by HighRoller
    Hey MB2, can I shack up in your river house while I tend bar across the street?
    Hell no ...I could only imagine the rif raff you would bring back after your shift...hell, the bartenders already show up at the pad after they are off their shift.....I gotta start running more low key in Parker....I think Boatcop has my pad on speed dial.
    My HOA meetings coming up in April, so I keep the music down for the next couple trips until the meeting passes..
    BTW congrats on the Bartender school...That's cool
    Just be careful with taking jobs and moving full time to Parker; you go there a Catholic and leave a METHodist

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    Actually, I was just searching for some bartending jobs in Havasu. That way I could just come down and go for a ride in the F26 whenever I wanted. Just make sure you leave it full of gas for me and make me a couple spare keys, okay?Then PM me and tell me where you're leaving them!!

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    No problem; I will leave the Radio Control for the RC F26 on the doorstep....take good care of her.

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    Congratulations on the new Career and good luck with the job search.

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    Congrats. Give good bar and I give good tips. Let us know where you might end up in Havasu.

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