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Thread: New HB artical

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    Did you see that sanger wood deck resto in the new HB. NICE!!!!!! http://www.***

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    I could only imagine how much that resto cost. $$$$$$$$$
    It sure is beautifull.

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    The Millers post in the v drive section, they are in the process of adding a wood deck to another flattie - lots of pictures of the build.

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    Thanks for the complment AdrenolineOD. burbanite, Jim Miller of Miller Custom Boats in Santa Maria, CA built this resto job. Miller Boats has no affiliation with the project you refer to in v-drive forum. Again, thanks, and if anyone has any questions, please call Jim.
    Cheryl Miller
    Miller Custom Boats
    since 1952

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    Jim Miller does phenomenal work...He did the restoration of our Rayson craft wood decker...

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    I'd be curious to see a shot of the dashboard! There is no deck bubble and if there is a dashboard, I'm betting that leg clearance is almost non-existent. The railing around the cockpit is a little strange, but that wood deck looks COOL!
    When you drop off your boat for a project such as this, How long does Miller boats take to do it?

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    Hot Rod Shop
    I saw the boat Jim shipped to MN. The deck was Brazilian Rosewood. The Bubble was African Mahogany. 23' long. It was awsome. Jim Miller does awsome work, I agree.

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    Havasu Cig
    There are pictures of the Dash in the HB article. Very cool boat!!

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    Just read that article this morning, good write up. It says in the article that one of the things they did was modify the transom and deck to add more legroom under the dash.

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    Is that the boat Jim was working on for someone in Florida? If it is I saw it in his shop as he was working on it. Jim Does good work and he is really passionate about it. A very neat guy!

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