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Thread: Fuel tank question

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    Bow Tie Omega
    Hey all, I have a question. I am in the tedious process of assemblying the BTO. The bottom is gel-coated, the webbing has been shot on the inside and it is now time to re-mount the fuel tanks. The 2 tanks are side mounts, aluminum and built for the boat. The problem is fuel capacity. They are 13 gallons each.....I need more capacity. I am looking for atleast 40 gallons. Having new tanks built would be another $500-$700 bucks. On one hand it is only $500-$700 bucks, but on the other hand it is another $500-$700 bucks, having already put $13,000 + into her (not including purchase price, I told the wife it would only be $5,000) and I still need to get her re-upholstered next month. I would like to put a third tank up under the deck. Structurally, she is a tank, running full length stringers from bow to stern with an epoxied floor. I am worried about ventilation, do I run a blower? I do not want to place vents on the deck. I have a vent on each side at the front seat areas. I do not want to put vents any further forward. The tank would be up front with a bulkhead keeping it out of sight for asthetic and safety purposes. Am I asking for a under deck explosion? The tank would be a 20 gallon tank. All opinions, good and bad are welcomed...Thanks...Joe

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    most tanks have a 3/4 vent line that you run to a through hull you should be ok.

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    Havasu Hangin'
    Where are you gonna put the filler? You can get vented caps.
    Otherwise, you might be able to run a "T" fitting off the vents you have.

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    I dont see a prob puttin a tank in the bow.I have seen a few done like this.As for the bulkhead leave a good air hole and it should be fine.Breather in the filer cap.

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    hack job
    i worry about the handeling caratarstics if the boat when you put all the weight up front it seems like it might be a a issue. jsuta thought

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    I have 15 gallon tank in the front of my 16 ft jet and it has a vent out the side of the bow, with the filler neck in the middle of the deck. Ya cant even see the filler cap unless you are on top of the boat , It adds support to the deck and structure and helps the boat set faster.

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    Bow Tie Omega
    Thanks for the 411 guys. Hack Job, if I was running an 18 ft boat that was running 100 mph, I would totally agree with you. But at most, I will be running an extra 150 lbs up front, and it is a 21 ft mini day cruiser. And between the anchor and all of the other crap that was left under there when we first bought it, that had to be good for atleast 250 lbs. So the way I am looking at it, I am ahead of the game by 100 lbs. The diverter should be able to compensate for any potential issues I hope. Once again thanks..Joe

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    I have a bow tank available.

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