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    I want to run zoomies on a naturally asperated BBC. I dont care about noise, I like it. Question is how much power will be lost compared to a set of tuned headers?

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    When I ran PGF injected, we did a lot of header and zoomie testing. We found no difference that would show up in speed or ET. To me, that meant we never found the correct tuned header length to take advantage of scavaging. We wound up leaving the zoomies on. Not sure what the result would be with a tunnel ram setup where you have an actual plenum.

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    Thanks for posting Fiat. I have been told on a lake boat it probably would not be noticeable. Just love the old school look.

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    I know of several drag boats running NA that run 2/10ths of a sec faster (1/4mi) with Zoomies vs headers.

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