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Thread: Looking for some ideas

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    I was wondering what some of you guys thought.
    Should we leave the back of the seats (the bucket) white?
    Rick was thinking of some flames.
    And how should the scoop be painted?

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    Red flames on the seats, and I think the scoop looks great how it is.....err, 1 of a kind, unique!

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    Flames on the seats and blue on the scoop!..

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    bottom of the shells white, top blue with small version of flames.

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    Split the white and blue on the seats with flames and same for scoop white on the bottom and blue on top with small flames down the side.

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    Dave Sammons
    I'd leave the upholstery white(smart move when its hot), paint the shells the blue with a few flames licking around them(not up and down) and do the same thing with the scoop. At the very least do everything in blue without the flames

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    Hmm, seats look good now.

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    Twelve'r behind both seats.Call'er good.

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    I like T-Bags ideal!

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    White seat backs and loose the scoop a sanger of that vintage would have ran velocity stacks or a oval Dan Olson scoop with a tunnel ram .

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