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Thread: Trident Custom Boats (my take)

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    Last week, I went over to Trident Custom Boats to say hi to Wes and to actually see in person the boat I have watched progress over the past couple years. When I say "watched", I mean that I have seen pictures on the internet from Trident's web site so I had a pretty good idea what the Revolution was going to look like. I had memorized the hull design, the layout, the billet hardware and the general concept.
    Knowing Wes on a personal level, I was very certain that every aspect of the boat was going to be over the top. If you haven't met Wes, he's the type of person that walks into a store and heads right over to the absolute best, top of the line area. When he gets there, chances are that he will know 10x more than the salesman trying to help him. That being said, he entered this arena with a clear understanding and plan. Even before the birth or Trident I noticed that every project he ever took on included serious research and design. He always asked the right questions and gained a full understanding before he ever moved forward. His house is surrounded by projects. He is never satisfied with anything. There is always a better way. There is always room for improvement. Life and everything that surrounds him is consistently evolving.
    The Revolution is a complete representation of Wes's personality. There are no options with this boat; they are already there. It has already been thought of. The pictures you have seen on the internet of both the model and the plug build do no justice to this boat. YOU HAVE TO SEE IT IN PERSON. My image of the boat completely changed once I saw it with my own eyes and could walk around it, look under it and touch it. It was truly beautiful and unique. If you have ever had a chance to hang out on with Wes on the river in his old boat "On the Rocks" you would have an idea of how he can take a boat and truly make it an experience. The clean lines, the custom fabricated hardware, the crisp and deafening stereo, the ambiance of the neon lights and feeling of cruising down the river on a hot August night: it is all a combination that has to be experienced. I absolutely can't wait to see this boat on the water.
    So if you haven't already, give Wes a call and try to take a look at what is soon to come IN PERSON. I became a believer instantly, you will too.

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    I met wes for the first time at the LA boat show this year and I must confess before that I was not impressed with his Ideals of this new boat thing, But after talking to him and his wife for I guess about an hour I have change my mind. The amount of time wes has taken to do the research is unbelievable he is cutting no corners and leaving no stone unturned, He has a vision and is going to see it fulfilled..........wes I wish you luck and hope you sell a hundred boats the first year
    Barry diehl

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    Screaming Pete
    Do they have one out of the mold??

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    Never met Wes, sounds like a stand up guy. It's funny when you read comments just from the pictures about the looks and how some have a tendency to bag on it, I say wait to see it in person, innovation can be scary to some people. Sounds like you really like the boat.

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    A family boat that comes standard with a blower motor is too cool in my opinion.

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    I think the stereo that comes with the package doubles as an ejection seat LOL

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    Tom Brown
    Originally posted by RiverDave
    I think he thinks I'm a bit of a pescimist or something?

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    Originally posted by RiverDave
    You know I'll chip in my 2 dizzle here on the custom bizzle.
    LOL, now that's funny. Tridizzle Custom Bizzle

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    Thanks for the good words guys... This has been a serious labor of love, but a long journey none the less. It is wonderful to see people who understand what the industry is offering, have owned, ridden in and driven a lot of boats and have a good finger on the pulse so to speak see the same things in our project as I do.
    A couple more months, and we are wet. I can't wait. For those of you who don't know, Ron Munson and Marine Assault engines is building the motor for the first Revolution. I will let Ron describe the level of consideration we have put into the motor, but I am comfortable in scratching the surface and describing it as around 700 horsepower, with approximately 25% more headroom before all of the potential of our motor, blower and setup are close to utilized.
    I won't let those of you who feel the same way I do about it down. This boat is going to be marvelous, and I can't wait to go do a roost past the OP6 floatilla at about 4:00am with the tunes cranking, good freinds smiling ear to ear, engine singing, LED's casting a mellow glow on the interior and my lady next to me.
    Till then though, I have a lot of sleepless nights ahead of me for about a million other reasons!
    Squirts up, and thanks again guys.

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    My only regret is that Wes didn't contact me for the custom rigging he needs.
    Can't wait to check the boat out in person.

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