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    Back Forty
    Another one of these stupid things. And I never get junk email in my hotmail account... Go figure.
    MRS. Theresa Lucas
    Dear ,
    I am Mrs. Theresa Lucas widow my husband was Comrade
    George Lucas of blessed memory who died recently
    in detention in Freetown-Sierra-Leone. Following
    the collapse of Major Johnny Paul KoromahÂ’s military
    regime by the combined forces of the West African
    keeping force(ECOMOG), who reinstalled the civilian
    elected President Alhadji Tejan Kabbah.
    The President upon resumption of office claimed down
    on my husband and his colleagues under the military
    arrangement of Major Paul Koromah and succeeded in
    killing some of them including my husband, may his
    gentle soul rest in peace.
    When my husband was in detention before his death,
    he instructed me to take possession of two(2) large
    trunk boxes containing $35 Million USD and large
    quantity of solid gold in the underground vault of
    our family house in Freetown. Through the help of one
    of his friends who was a fishing trawler, I was able
    to move the boxes to Abidjan, CĂ´te DÂ’ivoire where I
    deposited them in the custody of a security company.
    I am now looking for a reliable trustworthy foreigner
    who would be able to help me secure this fund to a
    Safe Bank Account Overseas and also advise me on
    favourable business investment opportunities where
    this fund would be effectively invested.
    The Security Company where these boxes were
    deposited in Abidjan donÂ’t know the exact contents of
    the boxes as it was declared as family valuables. So
    my dear,I am in the name of God, soliciting for your
    help in this matter as this is the only hope of
    survival for my ONLY CHILD since the man of the house
    is no more.
    I have negotiated with my SON to give you 30% of the
    total cash as commission and a 10% of the gold
    content of the two boxes. All these are subject to
    negotiations upon your acceptance.
    Moreover, other very important details shall be made
    known to you as soon as I receive your positive
    response to this proposal.
    You can reach me or my son ( Emmanuel Lucas) on
    the email address and Phone number above.
    Thanking you for your anticipated co-operation.
    Yours faithfully,
    Mrs. Theresa Lucas
    Mr. Emmanuel Lucas(Son)
    For the Family
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    F**K OFF....:yuk:

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    whenever you get those, you can forward them to the FBI. they even hava a sectin especially for these. being the secty to the president of our firm, we get these things in the mail aboout once per month. i called our attorney general and they gave me the FBI info.
    Nigerian (et al) Letter Scam (

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    You lucky guy. You're rich.

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    Originally posted by LUVNLIFE
    You lucky guy. You're rich.
    Thanks Cale:wink:

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    George Lucas of blessed memory who died recently
    in detention in Freetown-Sierra-Leone.
    I didn't even know 'ol George was sick, no more Star Wars flicks, too bad.

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    Back Forty
    Thanks for the link 91Nordic.
    I must be popular all of the sudden...
    Just got this.
    I am Jim Vincent an Accountant in the Directorate of
    Petroleum Resources [DPR] and I head a seven man
    tenders board in charge of Contract Awards and
    Payments Approvals [CAPA]. In for a reliable and
    reputable person to handle a very confidential
    transaction,which involves the transfer of huge sum of
    money to a foreign account,you were short -listed
    hence this correspondence to you. There were series of
    contracts executed by a consortium of Multinationals
    ultinationals in Oil Industry in favourof [DPR] among
    which were. 1, The expansion of the pipeline network
    within Nigeria for Crude Oil down stream products
    distribution and subsequent evacuation. US$45Million.
    2. Contract for the Turn Around Maintenance [TAM] of
    various refineries
    in the country.
    3. The construction of Storage Tanks for Petroleum
    [Depots] US$60M.
    The original value of these contracts were liberately
    over invoiced to the sum of US$30.4Million which has
    been approved and is now ready to be transferred being
    that the companie that actually executed these
    contracts have fully been paid and the projects
    officially commissioned.
    Consequently, my colleagues and I are willing to
    transfer the total amount to your account for
    subsequent disbursement, since we as civil servants
    are probibited by the Code of Conduct Bureau [Civil
    Service Laws] from opening and /or operating foreign
    accounts in our name. Needles to say, the trust
    reposed on you at this juncture is enormous, in
    return, we have agreed to offer you 25% of the
    transferred sum, while 10% will be set aside for
    incidental expenses [internal and external between the
    parties in the course of this Transaction].
    Modalities have been worked out at the highest levels
    in the Ministry of Finance and the Central bank of
    Nigeria[CBN] for the immediate transfer of the funds
    within 14 working days Our assurance is that your role
    is risk free.
    To accord this transaction the legality it deserves
    and for mutual security of the fund, the whole
    approval procedures will be officially and legally
    processed with your name or the name of any company
    you may nominate as the bonafide beneficiary.
    Oncemore,I want you to understand that having put in
    over 20 years in the civil service of my country, I am
    averse to having my image and career dented. This
    matter should therefore be treated with utmost secrecy
    and urgency. You may be wondering why I did not give
    you fax number to call me on I want you to understand
    that this transaction is very confidential, the
    Tel/fax number we have in my office is an official
    [DPR] number, my secretary and my cleaner comes to the
    office ahead of me they may pick up your message and
    everything will blow up. I have put in 20 years of
    Service, I will not like to lose my pension and
    retirement benefits hence conact me through my e-mail
    address above .As we open up discussion I will give
    you a private Tel/fax number where you will call me.
    Yours sincerely.
    Jim Vincent
    for: The Board Memebers.
    __________________________________________________ _________
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    Back Forty, I love that avatar!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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    IMO.............msn is the worst for receiving email spam. :yuk: I just dropped them and couldn't be happier.

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