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Thread: turning boat over tomorrow

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    I will be flipping my boat over tomorrow to remove the hook and paint the bottom. my question is when i flip it over to do this work does it matter how I support the boat? meaning can i set it on a cart that supports the boat by the stringers? or should it support it by the edge of the top? or both? I was just wondering if it might end up sagging or twisting if not supported correctly and all that work would be for nothing.

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    I set mine on sawhorses under the stringers.

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    Update. I got the boat flipped over and started mapping the bottom. As i expected it would be the bottom is worse off then i originally thought. at any rate my main concern is the area directly ahead and the width of the intake. it seems to gradually role into the intake over a distance of a foot or more. If i set a straight edge off the transom forward the front of the intake (and the area approx 1' forward) are a good 1/4" lower then the transom and the other end of the straight edge.
    sould I leave this roll in that area to give a smooth transition into the intake? or is this a sign the intake is set to low?
    thanks in advance for any input

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    You may need to post Pix to show a little better. It is hard to answer without seeing.

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    i'll try to get a better picture tomorrow.
    after getting over the intial shock yesterday of how wavy the bottom was I'm now thinking this area is the one part of the boat that is ok it's a smooth even transition into the front of the intake but i'm thiking thats the way the boat was built to help ramp water in as the front of the intake is flush with the bottom of the boat and nothing looks outta shape in that area.
    I'm not sure though which is why i asked maybee old rigger or one of the guys that know these boats could offer some input on this area of the design.
    I'll put a staight edge on it tomorrow in the day light and post a new pic then.
    thanks for your help

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    here is the picture

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    here is a decent picture of what i'm talking about. you'll notice it's a real even curve into the intake and intake sits flush with the bottom. does this look right?

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    this picture shows a better view of the front of the intake you can see it's flush with the botom.
    also how far should i carry the blueprint forward? i have it mapped out to 6' now should I got 8'? or more?

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