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Thread: 500 hp 0r 575 sc

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    what would you brather have? how much more money is the 575 i run a 26 daytona i run about 80 mph if i go to a 575 how much more speed will i pick up? thanks

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    The difference is 100hp at the prop. The 500 efi is rated at 475hp and the 575 is 575hp at the prop. Don't ask me why they are not more consistant with the naming vs. the hp. They have all the specs at

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    If you already have the 500hp then your money would be much better spent adding a blower system rather than a whole new Merc engine setup. The 500hp is a good solid starting point and an EFI Whipple or Procharger system will get you up in the 700hp range and net a lot more mph than a 575 Merc. Just a thought...

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    Doghouse is right.....add the Whipple and you'll have a really nice set up!!!!!!! With your 26 Cat you'll probably do about 90 - 95 mph.

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