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Thread: Good Free Popup blocker??????

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    Who has a good one? I want one that doesn't track me but blocks the Bull.

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    Google Toolbar
    Don't install advanced features (

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    ya know I have that on my other computer and I don't even remember installing it, it just showed up one day. Does it track you?

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    From my understanding, the advanced version does but the regular version doesn't

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    cool, I'll give it a try.

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    King Kuracz (http://)
    Works good without putting spyware on your computer, and free.

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    Change your browser ...Mozilla (

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    Originally posted by bigq
    Change your browser ...Mozilla (
    I've heard of that, but I'm afraid it may not work with my GM service info that I have loaded on the laptop. GM only provides support for IE browser. Might try it on the home pc though.

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    Tom Brown
    I use Mozilla Firefox almost exclusively and it has a popup blocker built in but it isn't always easy to stray from the beaten path.
    Why not run two browsers? You can run Firefox when you're surfing porn and use IE for your work stuff.

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    I run both also, I just switched from the Mozilla to Mozilla Firefox a few weeks ago, seems to work great.
    You can also use Netscape 7.1 it is a refined Mozilla and has the blocker built in.

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