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Thread: Oh Sh!t-I really messed up now!!!!!!!

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    Ok heres the deal. I got a nice set of carbide bits and started porting on my heads(781's). I did the whole exhaust side and thought to myself....... well if its that easy I will do a full port I went back over the bottoms of the ports. Everything was going smooth untill......... you guessed it I was staring into one of the water jackets I know i am an idiot! this is my first time porting heads. I guess the only way to learn is to F**k things up ONCE! Ok so I cant go back and fix it so heres the deal. I need one 781 head for a BBC. The other one is virgin. My other question is, How much do you want to take off the ports to gasket match? What about pocket porting? Where do you grind? I am looking for more hp without aluminum heads.
    If anyone has any pictures or info please post so I can get a better idea!
    By the way the intake is done. Good thing that isnt screwed up

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    Blown 472
    Unless you have been porting heads for a long time and know what you are doing aside from blowing thru you might be dong more damage then good. If you want them ported take them to someone that does that and pay to have it done, or just get a great valve job and run em..

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    Blown has good advise.
    Go here for BASIC cleaning up ports:
    Pay attention to short turn radius. That's what is really all about.
    I'd like to have a $ for every set of heads I have seen that have been "hogged out" and "look faster than they were" but are really slower than they were. And how many I am sure I slowed down myself way back when.
    PS: The big round exhaust port doesn't work if that is what you have done. Looks fast. Isn't.

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    Yea, you guys are right. Ok so I got another set of heads. Can I just gasket match my heads or do I need to pay "Someone else" to do it?? Will that hurt my performance?

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    Just read the article. Don't get carried away and you'll find some HP. Don't get greedy. Gasket match is fine. Article tells you how to do it.
    Remember they sell rolled abrasives... Smooth chambers are fine. Smooth ports are not necessary.

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    A+B Epoxy from Hexcel is the shit for repairing that!.

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    Beautiful Noise
    Originally posted by GofastRacer
    A+B Epoxy from Hexcel is the shit for repairing that!.
    ART,You mean Silicone won't work DAMN

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    Originally posted by Beautiful Noise
    ART,You mean Silicone won't work DAMN
    Sorry Steve, silicone just won't work!..ROLMFAO!..

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    Dont repair replace and leave the other head a virgin.My honest advice leave porting to someone who knows it.
    A bad port job will make less hp than a stock head

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    Sounds like you went to the Hoss school of porting

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