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Thread: Lightning through transom Headers

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    Bryan Rose
    Getting ready to finish setting up the boat for the season and bought a set of lightnings to help with some HP. My question here is how much noisier are these things going to be over my old logs... I have 4 inch tips to install and I know the water will help a little with the noise , Here in Ga we really dont have much in the way of noise laws, but I am hoping it will not be as bad as a set of OT injected headers... What i am hoping for is a good rumble but not the ear piercing blap of open headers like OT's . Any experience with this after going from logs to Through transom water jacketed headers on the board?
    Patiently awaiting Rex's new silencers...

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    American Turbine Man
    You are going to make more noise because you will make more power. They won't be as loud as OT's because you will be dumping water in at the collector. I don't know how much you paid for the Lightenings but you can make more power with the Bassett's. FYI.
    AT Man

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    I have lightenings on mine and it has a somewhat louder rumble than the logs but nothing like o/t's...I have no silencers and have never been stopped...all the water dumps thru the headers on mine.I think they sound great.

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    Bryan Rose
    Reason I went with the lightnings is I do not really want to worry about burning ski ropes , insurance , peaople burns and such. Like the way they look but not the side effects they generate. In the future I will have an engine cover or sorts and will need to cover them up so water jacketed was the way to go for me. How much of a power difference in ot's versus tt's is not that much I would not believe.... Also anything over the logs or a riser type manifold has to be a substantial gain . Looking forward to finishing this thing up.

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    American Turbine Man
    Sorry, my mistake. I thought you had the water injected style.
    AT Man

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