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Thread: Wiring new amps

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    I am wiring up my new amps, and plan on running everything new. I want to run 1/0 from the batteries (fused near batts.) to the amp compartment, then to two 4ga power and ground wires to each amp.
    My problem is how to (or if to) fuse the 4ga wires to the amps. The sub amp calls for 100amp fuse, and the four channel calls for 40 amp fuse.
    I was really trying to avoid putting a seperate fuse holder on all four leads, and haven't found a fused distribution block fused for 4-4ga wires with capability for 100amp fuses.
    I would like to buy everything I need in advance if possible

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    Havasu Hangin'
    I don't think you'll have many chioces on a 100 amp fuse- you'll probably need a ANL:
    ...but you could go AGU on the others...

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    I've got a 140a ANL fuse on the 1/0 leading to the distribution block (as you show HH), but if I come off the distribution block with two 4ga leads to the sub amp, that would mean two more 100w ANL fuses in line to the amp. The four channel amp could be fused in the dist. block. Seems like a lot of clutter. The streetwires distribution block you showed HH is the one I plan on going with, but I can't fuse it with 100w fuses

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    Phat Matt
    How about an inline breaker? They are easier to fix than replacing a fuse.

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    I'd do the streetwires setup like HH posted...
    The dist block comes in agu, afs, and maxi fuse application...
    afs go from 40 - 150 amp... It's like a mini anl...

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    One thing about those PG amps you are using is that they have two sets of power/ground/signal inputs. This makes it ideal to run a 4 gauge all the way to the first amp, and then another 4 gauge to the second from the first.
    Works great.

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