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Thread: So we did a White Elephant gift exchange at my aunt's house yesterday

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    and I walked away with a John Elway signed box of Weaties... like this but he signed it over his picture...
    I took a corona bottle opener... not a bad return
    Wife got a 10.00 starbucks certificate.. We were up .03 on this one alone

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    Iv'e never tried Corona with my wheaties. :idea:

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    Iv'e never tried Corona with my wheaties. :idea:
    Being a fan of Corona, I am guessing that beer would be a little too strong.

    One time, at band camp, I marinated shrimp in a Corona mixture. It didn't come out too good, not really bad, but the "beer" taste was a little too much.

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    haha i got the starbucks gift card too for my white elephant....and that was the best thing in the exchange.

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