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Thread: Apple Ipod

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    Decided to cave in and buy me one of these dealios and now I am trying to upload play lists, cd's and dvd's.
    So, my question is how do you pick a couple of tracks from a dvd to import to a play list ??

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    We load them in the computer. Then open the I tunes page to my library. Open the my music window in front of the ipod one and drag to the folder from one window to the other.

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    No worky Mandy

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    Did you set the gigaram to stun?

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    DVD's need to be ripped, I dont think I tunes does that. There are free programs out there that will rip DVD's to the formet that the Ipod uses. Itunes will rip Cd's though.

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    Never tried it with a DVD.........sorry. Just CD's.

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    Never tried it with a DVD.........sorry. Just CD's.
    bastard !!!

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    bastard !!!
    Nope, Rat Bastard!!! :rollside:

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    My kids both got the 30gig dealios, got'em nailed already, songs, pix,movies....Im illiterate when it come to those thing and the kids are 200 miles away...sorry

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    Add em all and delete what you don't want. CD's not DVD's
    I need the DVD importing/ripping info there Brain Surgeon !!!! :hammerhea

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