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Thread: Absolute Speed & Marine

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    Here is a great experience I had last week with Absolute Speed & MarineĀ…
    I had my 2005 Howard bullet in for a 20hr service and some minor install stuff and just want to complement Aaron and his guys at Absolute on how professional his business is. Not only did they treat me great, they respect your boat and pay close attention to detail. All of you that know me know I am anal about my stuff; these guys really did a great job! I will use them for all of my service from now on...
    Thanks Absolute and anyone looking for service work in Havasu please give them a ring. (928) 855.2252 :rollside:
    A very satisfied customer,

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    What's a Horard ?????? Most be a splash of that "Howard" Bullet.....

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    Damn, I can't type... Howard! LOL
    By the way what is "Most be a splash of that "Howard" Bullet"

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    I really gotta quit drinkin so much when i make fun of other peeeple ...

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    SHAKEN Not Stirred
    Aaron who ??

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    Phat Matt
    I thought it was "Absolute Marine" and "Arizona Speed & Marine".

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    Aaron who ??

    Aaron the non Merc certified guy I can't wait till he gets certified.

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    I thought it was "Absolute Marine" and "Arizona Speed & Marine".

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    Phat Matt
    Oh. What do I know. I go to Savage Marine. :crossx:

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